Can I optimize Media Bay?

I just bought Cubase 9; excellent upgrade. Everything is opening from the previous version perfectly. So this is not about the version.
I have always struggled with the media bay, mostly because of all the stuff in it that I never use; presets, etc…
I’m wondering if there is a way to optimize what shows up in media bay. I understand turning on and off the drive, meaning I know ‘how’ to do it. The problem is that I don’t know where a lot of the sample libraries are located. So the main drive holds the halion samples and midi loops, but where exactly. I don’t want to turn that off.
So can anyone give me a guide as to where things are stored so I can streamline my media bay.
Thanks in advance.
edi pro

With the exception of the user content folder that will automatically be re-scanned, upon opening of Cubase, and checked even if you have purposely UN-checked it, any folder can be either checked or un-checked and it will stay that way…permanently. Therefore unchecked means media bay won’t “see” it. Leaving things unchecked as advantages for preset organization and loading presets, but that seems to be a lost cause.

Unless I’m mistaking you, sure you can optimize media bay. A few minutes reading the basics about media bay in the pdf should answer these questions.

If you are referring to the exception…the user content folder, it will always be re-checked. I have asked for reasons, and the only guess is sort of for preventative measures or dumbing down a powerful feature.

There is also a way to click any file and media bay will show you were it is in Windows Explorer, if that is what you mean?

It doesn’t matter where anything is, Mediabay just searches for the files it knows about and indexes them in its database, mediabay3.db, which is in the Cubase user data folder.

For non-steinberg VSTi libraries to show up you have to actually create presets.

So the answer to your question is something like- create track or VST plugin presets.

I use use mediabay for instruments, audio files and midi scratchpad files (which are saved in mediabay as ‘midiloops’). I’ve created a bunch of track presets for my Kontakt libraries. Once I have loaded an instrument onto a track, I save that as a track preset. Also, I use mediabay to find .cpr project files I might have lost.

The complexity of mediabay is due to its being a tool for everything from bedroom producers on a single laptop to post-production facilities with multiple sound stages working on feature films, doing foley, adr etc.

I use about .03% of the possible scope of mediabay.

This article might be of interest to you too:

I use mediabay all the time now.

I use it mostly for searching for one shot audio for Groove Agent and the sampler. eg Kicks and Snares for layering etc.

It’s quite useful for saving VST presets that I don’t want to forget. ie an East West instrument I never use but want to in a future project I might save as a VST preset and give it a high rating.

The rating system combined with all the category option is really useful. I just wish we could add our own categories because some of them a really unhelpful and obtuse. A lot of TV / Film etc composers like myself use Cubase and mediabay doesn’t cater to that at all. ie If I’ve got some film score like instruments I might have to save them under classical - soundtrack. Which isn’t helpful because they ain’t Classical.

If you use Musical>Genre rather than Category you can type in your own text.

how to disable everytime rescan folder in meadia bay? folder with 1 .wav file scanning 7-20 sec…

Well fellow users, I’d like to thank you all for your input. As you probably noticed, it’s taken a while to respond to your generous help. This is mostly because I’ve pretty much lost faith in the effectiveness of this forum. It’s nice to be proved wrong. Thank you all for your help.

Over the years I have learned more from this forum and tutorials than the huge manual.

Regarding Media Bay, I pointed out the huge deficiency for myself which is the auto-scan every time Cubase opens. Any other boxes can be left unchecked and remain that way.

What specific question was not answered?