Can I play along and record it?

Hello ,
I want to play along on my electric bassguitar with an mp3 file. I can import the file, I can hear it, I can hear it together with my playing but I don’t know what to do to record both of it together.
Can you help me?
Dirk from the Netherlands

You did not list any specs so here is some general info…

-You already setup your ASIO capable audio interface (AI) to work with Cubase.
-In your project you add an audio track with the track mono input bus set to whatever connection you are connecting your bass to and the track output set to the main stereo out bus of your AI.
-On the audio track you enable the “record enable” and the “monitor” function.
-Hit the record button on the transport. You should be able to hear your .mp3 track and your bass while recording.
-Disable the “record enable” and “monitor” function to hear what you recorded.

So this is a very high level of instruction. Hope it helps.

And please remember to list or add your specs to the post or your forum signature.

Feel free to delete your duplicate post.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Nicely guided… I hope Dirk, that you get the results you are looking for Because, once gratified with that success you will be motivated to dive and and Learn the great editing and mixing capabilities built into your Cubase. This is a great short cut Prock has detailed