Can I post a work in progress here?

I have posted my latest “thingy” in the lounge, All In, and no one has commented
one way or the other. It must really suck. I feel a new song coming on about heartbreak and rejection.

I’m still not clear on whether we are posting works in progress here, or in the lounge. I value your critique and professionalism. I’m catering now.


Hi Michael

I don’t see why a work in progress can’t be posted here. I like having this separate room for music away from other noise. Not noticed your post in the lounge.


I see supporting works in progress as being a major role for this particular forum. So, yeah… drop your tune in here. And I suspect it will take a wee while for the momentum to build… it’s all still quite new and people are probably still gonna take a while yet to get used to the new structure. And of course adding to that… it’s now a busy time of year for many :wink:


Post it on up here, Michael! :sunglasses:

Just went over for a listen to All In. Good stuff. Your mixing skills are most certainly evolving,
I thought that mix was quite good. I think the ride is a bit loud, other than that it’s punchy and well blended
to my ears. I dig that distorted bass line you do on the chorus - very cool!