Can I purchase V9 Upgrade as a gift?

A friend has SL Pro 8 and I’m wondering if I can buy them the Upgrade to V9 via the Steinberg Store?
I imagine I will be given a code which I can pass on to them and they can register it.
Is this how it works?

I don’t have SL Pro myself, so also wondering if that means I won’t be able to buy it as am not eligible?


I have done this before with other software, purchased the upgrade through Sweetwater (presumably many others do the same). They sent me an upgrade code which I passed on to my friend, which they claimed at their end.
You might like to ask Sweetwater (or equivalent) if this is possible for what you want to do, the update itself is listing there v8 to v9.

Otherwise, you might be able to use your own PayPal account (or cc) at the time of purchase at the Steinberg shop if you can be with your friend, or in front of their computer or using remote access to do this.

Steinberg always sells loose download access/activation codes which can be used by anyone.

The Steinberg Shop has its own account which is separate from your MySteinberg.

Thanks all.
Unfortunately, the sale has ended now.
The Sweetwater deal looked sweet.
I’ll know next time.