Can I purchase VSTs and Components separately?

I have recently bought a license for and installed Cubase Elements 8. I have a few projects that were created with a producer who had Cubase Pro 8 installed on his DAW. Opening these projects on my DAW I’ve realized there are a few components that don’t come with Elements 8 that are used in said projects. Is there any way I can cherry pick and purchase VSTs or components one at a time separately i.e. Roomworks, Mysterizer etc?



Oh great, where from? I can’t seem to find anywhere to do this on the Steinberg website…

I believe the only way to get the CubasePro 8 plugins is to upgrade to Cubase Pro, they are not available for sale separately.

Oh, thought u were talking about third party plugs…lol… Sowwy…

Upgrade to artist or pro if its important to you…)

I think you have to upgrade from element to pro 8… You can only add instruments, sound and plugins…

You can download the cubase 8 demo too. FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: