Can I record a full band remotely?

All of the videos I’ve seen on VST Connect Pro always show a single musician tracking a part and I already know that you can’t synchronize 2 different VST Connect locations for a single session. But is it possible to track an entire band as a single source from the same location? Will VST Connect Pro 5 see it as a single source with multiple streams?

I want to book a session with a Bassist & Drummer from their studio. Can I track them both at the same time or will I be limited to one at a time?

It seems like this SHOULD be possible. But maybe there are bandwith issues or other synch problems to consider.

I have only used this program twice. The first time was when it was first introduced. It seemed like too much of a hassle. The second time was a few iterations later. It was better, but still not drawing me in. I want to track directly into my Nuendo system and get right to mixing, not get an “idea track” and then wait for the real Wave Files to show up later in DropBox. :frowning_face:

Now, with this freakin’ pandemic, it looks like I’m going to have to find a way to make this work as my possible NEW NORMAL. So, I need to know what I can realistically expect. I’m assuming that if I can’t do a full band in the same room, then recording an overseas Orchestra will absolutely be out of the question. Anyway, that’s my goal. Any information and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :+1:

quick answer is yes - with the PRO version. You can track them both at the same time although you will be limited to one cue send mix.

You really need to try it out (demo available) as there might be a steep learning curve.

As I mentioned, I already own it. I have since version 1.0. I already have VST Pro 5. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to get the most out of it.

My advice is to jump straight in with a test - you can run it on the LAN if you have a spare pc/mac to use as the performer. (although I sometimes find the LAN connection to be a bit flakey when connecting).

Obviously the performer end is going to need a mutitchannel interface to track multiple channels.

It’s actually pretty straightforward - there a few issues and frustrations but YMMV

Plenty of help on this forum if you run into problems - the Devs are pretty active over here


I use it regularly and record drummers with anything from 4 to 12 mics. For me it’s been rock solid. Takes a little time to get your head around the workflow but it’s absolutely magic once it’s up and running. As Dr.Strangelove said, only one cue can be sent to the performers computer running the vst performer app.

It’s been my NEW NORMAL for some time and can’t thank Musi, Micheal and the team for putting in all the extra development effort during Covid, expanding functionality and improving stability with regular updates and prompt feedback.


I should send this link for the PERFORMER APP to any of my performers to download into their systems, right?

Yes , that’s the link