Can I record straight into SL8?

I bought SL8. I can’t it to record from UAD Apollo. I have set the driver, both in and out, to UAD. I have only one stereo layer. Nothing shows up. My cassette player is playing ok in Apollo input.
Is this “import only” software?

Mac Osx 11.2.3 Intel.

What do you mean by “nothing shows up”, exactly?
I just recorded a short file in SL8. You must have a configuration problem.

Nothing seems get recorded. No waveform is being drawn, etc.

Sorry, by waveform I meant this spectral image.

Well, I kind of feel like I’m pulling teeth here – you’re providing very little information. Your issue is probably very simple, though. Start with a thorough review of the SL8 manual.

Solved. The answer is SL8 can not work with UAD/Core Audio, if I have Logic Pro X open. Soon as I quit Logic, everything works.
Sorry to bother.