Can I record with C3 in the background?

I’m recording audio into Cubasis 3 on iPad Pro 12.9. I am reading the music that I’m playing from a pdf file in the forScore app. After performing one pass/take, the spinning wheel in Cubasis is persistent even after the recording has stopped. I can touch and delete the shadow region. I can find the actual recorded file in Cubasis 3’s trash. I can drag it from the trash and into the timeline on the track I was recording to…sometimes Cubasis 3 can’t find the file if I close Cubasis or open a different song. I’ve tried moving the trashed files to the main project but still,sometimes the region is grayed out and I have to find the file and re-insert it.

Is this normal behavior? Can I record to Cubasis and have it in the background? I hoped I could perform a song live with backing tracks in Cubasis, read music/lyrics in a separate app, and track the performance to Cubasis 3.


Hi @D_W,

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Please expect this issue to be resolved with the upcoming Cubasis update. Next to this, the new version will add a few additional user requests, worth the wait in our view.

Hope you will enjoy the new version, coming soon…



Thank you!


When will this feature be available please?

I’d also like to have this background mode available on my iPad so I can display lyrics on another app while I’m playing using live effects on Cubasis.

Thank you.

Hi @evannah,

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In regards to your workflow, would it work to display the lyrics in the notepad section of Cubasis? If not, where does the app fails in your given setup?

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When cubasis is in the background, how you can start and stop cubase. Keyboard shortcuts perhaps ? Via Midi Gear perhaps like a bluetooth keyboard or something similar…

I record in the background all the time.

I use a midi pedal (KMI Softstep 2) to transmit the commands. It works reliably.

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