Can I record with C3 in the background?

I’m recording audio into Cubasis 3 on iPad Pro 12.9. I am reading the music that I’m playing from a pdf file in the forScore app. After performing one pass/take, the spinning wheel in Cubasis is persistent even after the recording has stopped. I can touch and delete the shadow region. I can find the actual recorded file in Cubasis 3’s trash. I can drag it from the trash and into the timeline on the track I was recording to…sometimes Cubasis 3 can’t find the file if I close Cubasis or open a different song. I’ve tried moving the trashed files to the main project but still,sometimes the region is grayed out and I have to find the file and re-insert it.

Is this normal behavior? Can I record to Cubasis and have it in the background? I hoped I could perform a song live with backing tracks in Cubasis, read music/lyrics in a separate app, and track the performance to Cubasis 3.

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Hi @D_W,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please expect this issue to be resolved with the upcoming Cubasis update. Next to this, the new version will add a few additional user requests, worth the wait in our view.

Hope you will enjoy the new version, coming soon…


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Thank you!