Can I recover a crashed file?

I was working on CB 6.5 when the program crashed!!
Can I recover a crashed file so, I can open it and saveas a new name ?
Is this possible?
Where does CB6.5 store crashed files?
What is the file ext for crashed files?

Any help will be appreciated.

i dont think it does it’s a major p.i.t.a i’ve lost so much work from this … there is an auto save function i really should turn it on…

would be nice to have ableton style crash recovery

Warning: Autosave has screwed me in the past!

An update must have caused this, but im not sure: I was using Autosave to backup my projs, and it appeared to be working fine :smiley: . Then, one day Cubase crashed after 5-7 hours of GOOD and THOROUGH work!! :astonished: I thought to myself, "WOAH!, thank goodness I have Autosave on and saving every 5 minutes… :stuck_out_tongue: " BUT :neutral_face: , to my dismay :open_mouth: , there were NO .bak files in the project folder!!! I quickly jump into Cubase preferences to see it is def enabled! :confused:

Im like "!?WTF?! :angry: " at this point! So, I DISABLED it and then RE-ENABLE it, and a .bak appeared in the damn folder…yeah, too late for that now! :imp:

Since then, MANUAL saves every few decent edits! Phuck that unreliable “Auto” shyte! GRRRR :blush:

I was SOOO happy with the results I had before it crashed too. It REALLY devastated me, and not to mention set me back a full days work. I wasnt able to replicate the work I did the first time either. That still urks me till this day! :unamused:

Very sensible. Autosave should be a fallback procedure (but ofcourse it should work when enabled!), and I never rely on anything automatic for such important things. I even use ‘save as’ when anything major has changed, like vocal recording or such. Just add something like ‘+Vox’ to the file name, and it’s fresh backups from there.

I use autosave here and it works well.

The only caveats are:

– You must have saved the song ‘manually’ at least once
– and you must actually stop the song now and again for autosave to kick in.[/list]

I have been constructing a song before and got to the point where I thought, hmm, this isnt sounding as good as half an hour ago, so didn’t save the project as I thought I’d have an autosave – poof all the autosaves disappeared as I’d never actually saved the track manually for the first time – a few hours of work lost…

Hello sir, can i restore my file?, but my file not saved cause my aplication suddenly close, and im not saved my file???