Can I remove eLicenser app from my computer

I have successfully transferred my eLicense to the new licensing system :-).
I have already removed the USB eLicenser - I did not have on it anything just the Dorico (3.5) license. Now running Dorico 4 without the USB eLicenser works fine.
My question is - just to be sure - can I now uninstall the eLicenser app from my computer (Big Sur)?

Why do you want to do this? It doesn’t harm if it is there and it will be reinstalled automatically when you open the Download Assistant. It belongs to the base package, documented here

A clean install of Dorico 4 still contains the eLCC. I’d leave it for now. It’s all of 7Mb…!

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The eLicenser might be useful if one is still using some add-on Steinberg sounds that have not yet transferred to the new licensing system.

Thanks, all clear.