Can I render 1 clip in a montage?

This question arises because I like to apply eq in a montage per clip and compare each of my songs to insure a consistent sonic spectrum in each song. The problem is that I use a combination of outboard processing and plugins. Since each song usually requires different settings in my outboard gear, I can’t render the entire montage since I would not be able to change the outboard settings between songs.

My only workaround is to use the montage as described above, note the plugin and outboard settings, then go to the audio editor and render one song at a time using the noted settings for each song.

Is there a better workflow for what I’m trying to do?


Select a single clip and use this option:

Thanks PG, however, the render is not going though the outboard gear this way as it does when I play the clip from the montage. Is there a way to make that happen?

Why do you say so? The clip is rendered through the Master Section, hence if you use the External Gear plugin, you get what you want.
Else, I don’t understand what you mean.

That was my understanding too. However, using outboard gear means rendering takes as long as the song length… in my case about 7 minutes. The task time said 2 min 33 sec. Also I saw no activity in my VU meters or my converter meters.

Do you happen to have “Bypass Master Section” turned on in the render options? (see attachment)

Can you tell if the actual plugins are getting rendred, but not the analog gear for some reason?
Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.17.03 AM.png

Sorry Justin and PG, it is working as expected. Not sure what (if anything) I did wrong the first time but it seems to be working now as expected.