Can I repair a dodgy plugin??

Hi All,

Using Cubase 6.0.5 on Win 7, I’ve had the following scenario:

  1. Work for many months on a track
  2. Add the awesome and free Mr Ray 22 VST, which I have used on countless other tracks
  3. Session goes fine.
  4. (possibly use session fine another time… can’t quite remember)
  5. Open Cubase and get scary error message ''Cubase 6 will now shutdown", or suchlike. Press OK, Cubase dies.
  6. Rename the Mr Ray .dll with .BLAH
  7. Track opens fine now.
  8. Replace the ‘bad’ dll with backup ‘clean’ version. Cubase now has the same error message.

So: my question is this: is there some settings file or directory or registry entry or similar that I can delete so that Cubase attempts to load Mr Ray as if it had never seen it before etc (i.e. to get it to work again)? Or am I doomed to have a perfectly good VST never work with a perfectly good sequencer on this particular computer ever again?

Or any other way to get these two to play nicely with each other again??

Thanks in advance!

  1. Assign another VSTi to the track which is using Mr Ray
  2. Save project and close Cubase
  3. Renamy Mr Ray .BLAH to Mr Ray .dll
  4. Open your project
  5. Assign Mr Ray back to the thrack it used to be in

there is a file in the Preferences called the blacklist. I have seen it mentioned here on the forum but don’t know exactly what it does. it may be worth checking into.

I doubt MrRay will be blacklisted, because if it was Cubase wouldn’t throw a tantrum over it. That’s kinda the purpose of the blacklist :wink:

Thanks for the replies.

The mystery has been solved… seems something about the way Mr Ray 22 is coded means Cubase freaks out when you try to use more than one instance of it.

So, nothing has ‘gone wrong’ or got corrupted or whatever… just had to bounce out one of my parts and remove that instance.