Can I retrieve my Cubase 7 to another computer?

Hello all, and happy easter!

I bought Cubase Elements 7 some time ago as a download on my Macbook Pro. But now, as I´ve got hold on my good old Stationary (?) Windows 7 PC, I want to use Cubase on that one. Is it possible to use my Cubase on both computers? Or do I have to spent alot of money on another one?

Thanks for the replys!

Yes If your licence is on a dongle but if it’s a soft licence then you have to buy a dongle and move the licence to the dongle but beware , once you turn your soft licence in it has to stay on the dongle .
The dongle can be used on both computers one at a time :wink:

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I got a Dongle :slight_smile:

But how/where do I dowload it again?

there you go

Thanks alot, G-String! (Thats a familiar sentence…)

Downloading now. Just inserted the donge to mu USB. Hope it works :slight_smile:

Hmm. I got asked to insert the “Halion SE” disc…I got no disc :confused:

And when I tried to open Cubase, it said it didnt find any licence, even my Dongle is inserted. But I got asked to start the activation. Should I do this? Would it cause trouble with my Cubase on my Macbook?

Have you tried the Halion SE iso?

Did you moved the license to the dongle?

Have you opened the licence control center and drag and dropped your licence from your hard drive on to the dongle ?

No. What do you mean? Is`nt it inside the Dongle? Is it on my Macbook? So I have to move it from my Macbook to the dongle?

I downloaded the Halion SE iso. But when I try to install it, a message appears saying that another installation is going on. So I have to finish that first and try again later. But there is no other instalation going on. I restarted the computer, but that did not help.

If you have Elements, the full Cubase installer is not going to work for you.

Try the Elements 7 trial version download …

Ahh! Ofcourse! Why didnt I think if it. Thanks alot, Scab! I`ll download it now.