can i return to Win7 after having created projects in Win10


I just installed Windows 10 64 bits & this to see how Cubase pro 9.5 will respond … but i do not like it … my question is :

Now that i have created some cubase projects with windows 10 (64 bits), can i return to Windows7 (64 bits) & run these new CPR files projects in it ?
this is my fear

I ask before i get too far in Windows 10 … please give me a responds !
Thanks to all

I did this, because of multiple problems with Win10/64bit. All my projects created in Win10/64bit(using both Cubase 7.5 and 9.5) loads fine in Win 7/64bit Cubase 9.5.1

Yes you can, the projects can be loaded even if created on OSX.

Thanks , it’s a relief … Windows 10 make me scare … too much setup to do with on their integrate protection !

I regularly swap projects between my windows 10 and 7 systems. No problems.