can i roll back to n5.4 and open n5.5 files?

having trouble with n5.5 freezing after about 3 hours, also i have to re-install the 5.5 update everytime i boot up in order for n5.5 to see video files.

Something is really wrong, this is a slave PC that runs Cubase 6 for 10 hour sessions without any issues.

just got a blue screen as well so lost the initial error message. :neutral_face:

hi indiescore,

not sure if this helps, but i was able to open a couple of 5.5.5 projects with v5.5.2 and 5.5.3. I didn’t get any error messages on opening. On saving it did mention the version discrepancy and hit me with a prompt about saving a ‘new version’, or ‘overwriting’.

note: they were pretty simple projects - not sure if there’s possibly some new functionality in 5.5.5 that I hadn’t employed which might give you an issue if opening in an older version…? (i.e. - attempting to open a 5.5.5 in 5.1 gave an error about some corrupt data).

also: i’m on a mac so not sure if a pc would react differently…?

meant to add: i don’t have 5.4 so couldn’t try that specifically.

good luck!

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here’s the error i received trying to open Nu 5.5 with Nu 5.1. (attached screenshot)

project opened, but warning about “project could not be restored completely” is pretty disconcerting.

not sure if 5.4 would give you the same issue - i would imagine so…?
error msg.jpg

Thanks for the input, I reinstalled FireWire drivers and that seems to have stopped the crashing, but still having issues with video not found due to invalid format with every boot up, every day, :confused: