Can I route a non usb midi keyboard to Cubase 11 Pro

This is gonna be a stupid question but what kind of presets,sorry for being a bit a slow

Like the way a VSTi, for example Halion, lets you choose a sound in the Inspector. I never use External Instruments & only know about them in a general sense. So you’d be better off with the manual for more details.

Thanks Raino,I had a feeling you were talking about program selection,in that case,in order to use Ketron SD1 as a vsti , I would need to be into musical flagellation,which Im not,lol, Ketron have got some great sounds and equipment but you’ll never find any of their instruments in the Cubase Keyboards Patch List,like Yamaha, Roland,Korg, etc and I’m not dedicated enough any more at my age to start making up 4 x 128 bank sound patches and 15 million drum sounds,I prefer your suggestion of thinking of the SD1 as 2 different devices, and I’m looking forward to the endless days that I’m going to spend trying to get the SD1 to talk to Cubase, thanks again for your help,much appreciated.

Yes, assuming your Ketron uses the GM protocol. I have my old Korg Triton Pro 76 hooked up to Cubase 11 Pro and I’m able to select sounds from the Triton via Cubase and use 16 tracks of midi coming from the Triton, and record the sounds into Cubase as audio tracks.

I’m not at that location right now and it’s been quite a long time since I set it up, so trying to guide you through from memory, will most probably lack information. I will be there sometime today, so I can go through the setup process and get back to you.

It does use GM but it is not in the Cubase drop down menu list of midi keyboards
If you could run through the set up for me at some point that would be absolutely brilliant .
Thanks very much.

Defo. Sometime this evening.

I don’t think that matters.

Hi allyupo.

OK. I’ve had a look at my setup, but yes, settimg up your Ketron does come with caveats’ if you are not prepared to do the Patching of banks. So your concern that the Ketron was not listed as a Device, is rightly justified (Sorry about that).

Anyways, I decided to setup the Triton, defining it as a GM Device instead. What I discovered, was that, although it worked, and I was able to get sound and record MIDI and audio into Cubase, the Program Selector in the Instrument track, created in Cubase, was obviously all over the place, since the Triton was not patched. So on selecting Piano, it gave me a harp instead.

The work around for me, was to simply select the instrument from within the Triton, less than ideal I know, but it worked. Please bare this in mind if you proceed with this setup.

If you’re cool with that, this is how I did it.

Ketron Setup.

  1. Set Local Control to Off on the Ketron

  2. Connect the audio outputs’ of your Ketron to the inputs’ of your audio interface.

  3. Connect your MIDI In/Out to your Ketron (using your MIDI to USB lead).

4 Connect the MIDI USB Devive to your Computer, or if you are using MIDI to MIDI cables’, connect them to your MIDI Controller if you can. whichever you prefer.

Now in Cubase.

1)Studio/More Options/Midi Device Manager/Install Device/“Select” GM Device(Give it a name)

2)Bottom right while in Device Manager, for your “Output” Select the MIDI device connected to your Ketron (Close Device Manager)

  1. Next, we need to create an External Instrument.
    Studio/Audio Connections/External Instruments Tab/Add External Instruments Tab. On the following little window that appears, Give it a name. Select how many returns would like ie: 1 Mono,1 Stereo.

  2. Select “Associate MIDI Device” and select MIDI Devices. then select the device name you chose during the setup. Once the device has been selected, the window will close.

5}Now select your audio device and the device ports used.

Start a new project and create an Instrument Track. You will find the device you just created in “External Plugins”. If set up correctly. you should now be able to here sound from the Ketron, when you press your keys.

Let us know how you get on.

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Just a thought, looking at the manual and the photo of the back panel that @Nico5 posted above:
There are two 5-pin MIDI inputs, one of them is marked “IN 1 GM”:
The manual says about this port “MIDI In (GM): Midi Input Port used just to control the General MIDI timbre generator of the SD1 with sixteen MIDI parts.
(GM is “General MIDI”)
I’m just wondering, is it possible that this “IN 1” responds in the standard way, e.g. selecting “Piano” in Cubase would select piano on the SD1?

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That’s a good point. Even though the Triton is GM compatible, the MIDI IN/OUT do not state (GM)/(KEYS), just in and out.

It does select GM,the Ketron SD1 is a clever instrument.
The The Midi in 2 Socket is designed to be used with midi accordions,so think of triggering a chord on the left hand of a midi accordion,this is like forming and playing automatic style backing below a set split point on the SD1 keyboard.
It gets quite deep,I won’t bore you to death with

Hi Prim,
I can’t thank you enough for your detailed explanation,I have linked it all up as you have advised ànd it is all working including the first 128 GM sounds from the program selector as Indeed Mr Soundman suggested by using midi GM1 output.
Ketron products are designed to midi up to midi accordions,the midi in 2 Socket in the back of instrument is designed specifically for this purpose.
Now that it’s working I will probably end up making up the patches.
Once again I can’t thank you enough ,I would never have guessed the instructions in cubase to make it work.
Your a gentleman,many thanks,allyupo

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You are more than welcome allyupo.

If you require any additional information with regards to this setup, myself and others are here to chime in.

Good luck.

Thanks very much Prim,I’m getting a bit older now and not so bright, so I appreciate any help that I am given,once again many thanks for your time and patience,allyupo

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