Can I route UR22C guitar input through a CUBASE VST Plugin back to UR22C in real time? How?

I can listen to UR22C built-in amps while I play/record.
I can record a clean sound in CUBASE and afterwards add a CUBASE VST Amp to play-back.
But I would like to hear the sound of the CABASE VST Amp while recording.
Is it possible and if yes, how?

Hi and welcome!

Yes, it is possible if you disable Direct Monitoring.
Just keep in mind that you need to set a pretty low audio buffer so you don’t experience too much latency (time between playing a note and hearing it).

Thanks. It worked, despite there are many things I don’t understand yet.

It’s a large and fairly complex program.
Luckily there are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube in addition to the Manual and this phenomenal user forum!