Can I run cubasis on Lenovo Tablet?

Hello, I am a Cubase 12 user. I have a license.

  1. May I download and use Cubasis on my android device for free ?

  2. I found, I cannot download and not install on Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 2023 (android tablet)
    So, Is it impossible to install on Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 2023?

Thank you

It’s improbably because on my lenovo Tab M10 old works so fine so far.

Hello, thank you for your answer
Then if I can successfully run this Cubasis on my android phone, is this just free?

Hi @morphism,

Cubasis is created by an independent team at Steinberg, specially developed for the use with iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets - so no, it does not come for free (with the exception of our freely downloadable LE demo versions).

Please find out more about Cubasis for Android in our dedicated FAQ article:


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Hello, thank you for your information
I understand now
However, I couldn’t find a pricing page for Cubasis, so I thought it might be free for valid Cubase users…

So have a nice day and see you

Hi @morphism,

Thanks for your kind feedback.

Simply tap the Google Play or App Store buttons on the Cubasis page, to find the app in the available stores, alongside the pricing info: Cubasis: Mobiles Musikstudio für iPhone & iPad | Steinberg

You can also tap the following links right here:

Download Cubasis on the App Store
Get Cubasis on Google Play

Stay safe
& enjoy being creative,

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Oh, I see. I just saw the price tag inside.
Thank you for your help
See you again, LSlowak