Can I run Wavelab Elements 7 without connecting the key?

Hi All,

Finaly I received my Wavelab Elements 7 yesterday.
I installed it and also activated the lisence with the eLicenser.
It works (had not the time yet to test it all, but it opens and it all seems to react).
But if I disconnect the eLicenser key it stops working.

Is it possible to run the programma without connecting the Key?
Or does the key always need to connect?



Anyone please?

Try If you can drag and drop the licence from the dongle icon to the “soft e-licencer” icon in your control center. If you cant (according to the document below) then probably not…

Hello, WL Elements runs perfectly via the eLicenser, you have to run it and insert the activation code you received to activate it permanently (no need to plug the usb dongle). But if you moved your license to the usb dongle, there’s no way to have it back on eLicenser.


I will let you know!

No, I cant drag the license.
Guess I always have to connect the usb dongle, but now I know.
It is not a big problem for me, but how long is the usb dongle going to work.
Is it weeks, months or years…?



It probably lasts longer than the soft e-licenser on a hard drive, since the dongle has no moving parts. It might suffer from taking it out and carrying it around a lot though…

Luck, Arjan


Is it weeks, months or years…?

Years…, and if using a laptop it’s possible to use
a inexpensive usb hub

and check out eLicenser updates from time to time

regards S-EH

OK thanks!

It’s connected in my windows desktop, I will only disconnect when I clean my pc.
It’s on the back of the pc so, it is pretty safe there I guess.

Problem solved!

Thanks again! :wink: