Can i safely buy the new Cubase 8.5?


I have been working on Cubase 6 and i have been completely satisfied - until my computer broke down (MBP).
So i’ve bought a new computer (MBP Retina) in order for me to produce music again and it has OS 10.11 El Capitan. This means that my old cubase would not install - and even after i used the installer device, the program would not function at all. Complete disaster.So i thought that i would just have to buy the new cubase, which is alright i guess. But that seems to not even be an option.

I have seen that C8 pro is compatible with El Capitan, while Cubase 8.5 pro is not. So can i buy C8 even now after the 8.5 has released? it does not look like it from the website, and i can’t seem to find anything anywhere about it. Or what can i do alternatively? Just stop making music until i can afford to buy an old com - or wait until who knows when and the software is updated :confused:

Hope that someone can help
All the best from Johan

If you purchase the C8.5 update you could ask support for a link to the C8 installers if you so wish.


Where have you read that? Cubase Pro 8.5 is supported in Mac OS x 10.11 El Capitan:

You don’t need to wait for an update Cubase Pro 8.5 is compatible with El Capitan out of the box…

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