Can I safely install C11 and have C10 still working?

hello everybody,

although I´m not sure if eLicenser has managed it (after 4 days of trying) to bring me for sure C11, I´ve got the question:

can I install C11 and have C10 left and working?
or do I have to do something with patch-changes, copying etc.?

thanks for helping
The Sarge!

You can have both on your puter no problem. :slight_smile: just install them separately…ie do not do an update on 10…

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.ie do not do an update on 10…

ah, that was the point I forgotten :bulb:
thanks for help, so nearly it went wrong

Don’t be confused by the eLicenser which will only show Cubase 11 as it wll authorise the running of any previous version you have installed.

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good info, thank you

so 10.0.60 & 10.5.20 are running okay, 11.0.10 not enough tested but for my workstyle okay too

what is the safest way to get rid of the old 10.0.60 version?
Simply delete the corresponding folder?
I just want to make sure that the other two continue to work

just a little help from my friends :wink: thanks in advance