can i save instrument midi parts with all plugins

Hi there,

does anybody know how to save a programmed midi part with all plugins i used for that part as a preview able preset?
Or whatever export works that allows previewing in the cubase browser? (and perhaps sync it with project)

The things i would love to save/export in a single save is:

-the programmed midi part
-effects used/complete channel state
-all (midi)automation
-instrument plugin used
-instrument preset used

I can do this with ‘exporting …selected tracks’ but there’s no way to preview those unless i audiobounce it and place a bounce in the same export folder.
I’m working on that right now but its a lot of work, and it would be great to find a more elegant solution.
Find this THE best way to save actual (multi layered) sounds i have used in projects.
Like a superchord riff containing Virus TI, Nexus Piano, Sylenth Chords, all with heavy compression to a groupchannel, then automation on all channels (like in a filtered breakdown, reverb automation blablabla).
With ‘…selected tracks’ export you can import a copy of that exact, complete synthpart in 5 seconds into a new project. But no preview in synced browser.

The trackpreset only saves the state of the channel, not the midi notes and automation, as far as i know.

Please help, best regards,


These are all different parts. Most of them can be saved separately, but not as a group unless it is all one song file/template.

As BobUpstairs said, I would save all these operations as one song project. I personally made a special fx folder of audio files containing unique combination performances like these. That way, you can have those sounds at your disposal for importing into any application. If you need an update of that sound, you can then just open up the song you saved it in and tweak away.

thanks i didnt think of this…

let me try if this works

i tried the stuff you guys suggested but there are some parts i couldn’tn figure out…

-how can someone import a song into another song? I assume you mend a project in the Mediabay right?
When i load it into an existing project it want to open a new project, and asks me to activate, not to merge.

-also, the synced preview of project in the media doesnt work… (Cubase 5.5.2 or .3)

I think for me this isnt better then exporting selected tracks and import the archive into another project.

I could be mistaken, but do you guys fully understand what i mend above?

With exporting tracks thru the “file/export/…selected tracks” you can select multiple tracks and still be able to
chance all the data (inc midi,automation etc) later.Even groups.
Plus if you audiobounce an example of the archive, you can sync that to the project to preview.

Cheers wk