Can I save "Learn Midi CC" settings

Hello, I have a bunch of Spitfire plugins and I have faders on my keyboard that I use for dynamics and so forth. Is there a way to save it so it remembers to always use those faders for the same thing for every Spitfire plugin? Instead of having to right-click on it and select “learn midi cc” for each track?


You can save a preset of the Quick Controls setting.

You could also Save Track Preset with the settings predefined.

The MIDI CC Learning that you’re doing is part of Kontakt, to save them you just create a snapshot within Kontakt for that preset and it should retain the CC settings.

Then load that snapshot first, and i think it will retain the MIDI CC for each preset you select afterwards.

It’s a real pain as Kontakt is such a beast with a large number of libraries and parameters, it’s the only way to save internal CC setups unless the library developer offers some kind of global control (I don’t use spitfire so don’t know on that front).

The other option is as per @Martin.Jirsak suggestion that you map the Kontakt parameters using Cubase Quick controls - but you’re limited to 8 parameters that way, and you have to map your MIDI Hardware to Cubase instead of the MIDI CC data going direct to Kontakt. Instead of MIDI CC control, you’re effectively controlling Kontakt/Spitfire via automation data using this method.

You could also add a MIDI transformer on your tracks in Cubase to convert a standard MIDI CC into a modulation CC message (For example) if that’s what spitfire instruments default to. And just manage a few of those as presets in Cubase. Really depends on how many changes you’re having to make to the standard mappings to fit your controller.

It’s quite convoluted, and no method is perfect. :frowning: “Komplete Kontrol” was NI’s attempt at creating a more dynamic mapping system, but that involves having the Komplete Kontrol wrapper running for each instance, and also relies on companies like Spitfire creating ‘nks’ data for all their presets.

Thank you!