Can I save MIDI CC Pattern (Dynamics)

Forgive me if this has been addressed before, but I often use low strings to play my chords, with the same MIDI CC patterns for the dynamics. Is there any way to save and recall a dynamics pattern quickly?


What do you mean by this, please? Could you give us an example, please?

Could you use midiloops for this? CC are midi data, so I figure it would work.

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Hi Martin,

I took a screenshot here. I know in some DAW’s, they have premade dynamics patterns to use, and I know Cubase doesn’t have that, but was wondering if I made my own pattern, if I could save it and recall it?

Oh you mean have a track in my template with this pattern already drawn out, and then save the template? That is one work around I didn’t think of. I can then easily copy and paste as a good starting point.

No… there’s a ‘midiloop’ feature in Cubase… I think it’s just a midifile with data for the tracksettings as well. (under the export menu)
You’d create the clip with just the CC info, no notes and then export it. It would include the vsti+fx for that track.
(I haven’t tried, but if you export it from a plain midi track, I guess it would just be the midi clip?)

Then you could set up a mediabay focusing on your midiloop folder. With a bit of effort you could build a whole library to draw from.
(I’m not in front of Cubase so some of my terminology might be off here)

I’ll check it out. Appreciate the response!

I like to use midiloops, though the name seems to have little to do with the function.

they consist of

  • one instrument track loaded with an instrument
  • midi data
  • midi inserts, expression maps
  • but not automation

It’s a very handy feature, I have used it to save scraps I like for using later. I don’t think it’s too well known though – possibly because it doesn’t have a very sleek workflow:

  • Select midi part
  • do File>Export>Midi Loop…

(dragging to the Mediabay would be my preference… maybe someday.)

They can be dragged in from the Mediabay tthough

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Ahhh, if only! It would be so awesome! What an easy way to save an idea, an interesting rhythmic pattern, an interesting cadence, a 12 tone sequence, anything.

Y’know, it was implemented briefly in the Cubase 8 cycle,but something occurred (don’t know what) that got it pulled out.

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