Can I sell my Hypersonic 2 License and still keep Halion?

Hypersonic 2 comes bundled with Halion. I was wondering if I could transfer the Hypersonic 2 license to someone. Can someone also confirm if Hypersonic 2 also works with the soft elicense. Cheers

Which version of HALion are you talking about? Hypersonic 2 is pretty old.

I don’t think so. One way or another, once a license is on a USB-eLicencer it can’t be transferred to a Soft-eLicenser.

Also, just in case you aren’t aware …

eLicenser Service Closes Down in 2025 | Steinberg

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I have soft elicense from Halion 5, now have 6

Which exact licenses do you currently have? Can you post a screenshot of your eLCC?

Didn’t HALion 5 come with HALion Sonic 2? It’s been some time ago, but I can’t remember ever having an individual license for HALion Sonic (actually I do have a HALion Sonic 2 license, but it was purchased separately). It was just included and ran under the main HALion license.

One way or another, I don’t think what you want to do is possible.

There is also this …

How to resell Steinberg software (Resale Wizard) – Steinberg Support

Scab is right. Some further clarifications and info:

  • Legacy plug-ins such as Hypersonic 2 and Halion 3 will only work if you have the USB-eLicenser version of the Halion, Halion Sonic, or Absolute VST Collection license.
  • Halion 5, Halion Sonic 2 and Absolute 2 (and earlier versions) used the USB-eLicenser exclusively.
  • Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3 and Absolute 3 switched to the Soft-eLicenser system. Whether or not you had an USB dongle, all new purchases gave you a Soft-eLicenser version of their licenses. Only users upgrading from previous versions received USB-eLicenser versions of these licenses!

Since you upgraded from Halion 5 (USB-eLicenser only) to Halion 6, you have the USB-eLicenser version of the Halion 6 license, which does allow you to run Hypersonic 2. This access is granted to you as part of the Halion 6 license. You do not own a Hypersonic 2 license that may be sold separately.

If you were trying to sell this to a friend, keep in mind that most of the acoustic instrument samples from Hypersonic 2 are also included with modern versions of Halion in far higher quality, as part of the “HS Factory” library. For the most part, the only reasons to use Hypersonic 2 now are if you’re trying to revive some old project, or if you like the synth presets, or if you want to make an exact recreation of some track from the mid-2000s.