Can I sell On Cubase 4

I first started with Cubase SX and have since upgraded each time with Cubase 4 then 5 and now 6.
I would like to know, can I sell Cubase 4 and still use cubase 6. What would the process be regarding the license transfer.
Basically I don’t want to mess up Cubase 6, but I would like to sell Cubase 4 and SX and maybe 5
Is this possible?

Many thanks

If your Dongle only has one license on it then my guess is no. If there are two separate licenses, then perhaps. Check the resale wizard for details.

If you started with SX, and have gotten the other versions through upgades, then no you can’t. You only have one dongle, and therefore all of your licenses are on that dongle. If you sell SX, v4 and v5, you would have to include the dongle with each version. As you only have one dongle, you would either have to sell all three to the same buyer, or only one version. The dongle will go with the sale, meaning you will no longer be able to use vers 6.


Thanks guys
I a good thing I asked.

Have a good day :smiley: