Can I send a live session via vst connect to studiopass?

Hi, I have used VST Connect Pro successfully to record remote talent. My current problem is that I have a vocalist in the studio and want to send the live vocal synced to the Cubase project down the line to the Director on Studiopass so he can coach the talent in real time.

At the moment I can only send the mix after recording. If I try live, the vocal is out of sync. Am I missing a setting somewhere or is mixing live and pre recorded backing not possible?

There is the Studio Pass for VST Connect app for iPad. Other than that, there are no possibilities for realtime coaching, sorry.

Many thanks for the quick and definitive reply. My analogue thinking Director thought I was being daft not able to do a fold back to him! Sad but at least we know we have to do second best workarounds in FaceTime then playback in VST Connect.

He and I successfully use both VST Performer for recording remote talent and Studio Pass on iOS for playing back mixes on the fly and discussing.

Hard experience means we believe the key to success is to maintain consistent kit at the talent end then write down and keep the settings and connections that work.

To be specific, since 2020 we have almost always used the same model iPad Air with the same mic, same audio interface and the same wiring and Apple connector. If you don’t, we find just one switch or button poked into the wrong place can cost you hours with your talent- and they then go off the boil!