Can I send audio from Cubase to my guitar pedals and back again?

Hi. I want to output Cubase audio tracks to my guitar pedals, and then record the output of the guitar pedals. I have a Steinberg UR-22. Is there a way to make this work within Cubase?


Yes, you can do this. You can either use External FX from the Studio > Audio Connections, or you can just use common Output and Input (and an Audio track).

OK. How does this work then? I have a stereo audio track that I want to send to a mono pedal, and then record the output of the pedal. Preferably whilst also listening to this process.

I set up an External FX in the Audio Connections. It was only possible to set it up in stereo, as far as I could tell, but that’s all right. However, how do I send my track there? It does not show up as a routing option. Perhaps I’m not meant to route it – perhaps this is supposed to work a different way entirely, but I didn’t really understand much from reading the online manual.

Also, I can’t even listen, because apparently you can’t use the audio interface both as the External FX send bus, and also use it for output or control room. And Cubase doesn’t detect my other speakers today. (It varies daily whether Cubase decides to acknowledge their existence or not.)* EDIT: A-ha, you can’t use them at the same time. I’d have to change to the ASIO driver to use my monitors as well as UR-22, it seems.


In the Add External FX dialog, choose Send Configuration: Mono and Return Configuration: Mono.

You can find this in the plug-ins list. So you can either use it as common Insert effect, or as a Send FX.

You can’t with ur22. Not enough inputs and outputs.

All right, now I’m getting somewhere. I made it mono, and added it to my audio track as an insert. I chose “UR22mkII Output 1/L”, and connected a jack to this output, then I turned up the output volume. There is also a jack from the pedal out to the UR22 left input, which I configured as my return bus device port.

However, the guitar pedal is definitely not receiving any audio. I can tell when I monitor only the input port with headphones connected to the UR22.

My guess is that the External FX should be in the send of the instrument I want to record, and then in the insert of the track I want to record to. But I can only add the External FX as an insert, not as a send. At least, it does not show up in the sends options.

Why would it not be possible with two inputs and outputs? I just need one input and output to do this.

You probably use those 2 outputs as your main stereo out. So there are no more outputs left to use for other routings.

But if you are OK with not hearing your main mix and using them for external effect, it could technically work.

The headphones port lets me monitor the input signals, so I should be able to monitor it via that, as far as I can tell.

Headphones just mirror the left and right main outputs of the interface.

But if you find a way to make it work then it’s great.


Oh, you are right, I didn’t realise this. Thank you.

What other sound cards/chips are on the rig? If there are none…maybe you have some USB or Bluetooth headphones or speakers laying around to use for monitoring? Is the UR22 your only option?

While it’s not ‘ideal’ to aggregate multiple devices/drivers together that aren’t using the same clock, it is quite possible, and it might serve your need here. I do it sometimes just to get more inputs on a temporary basis and it works out fine. One example where it’s come in handy for me is using some USB mics on a Cubase project in tandem with my main Delta 1010 audio interface.

I.E. If on Windows use something like ASIO4ALL to aggregate the built in audio chip/connections from the motherboard and the UR22. Dedicate the UR22 to your guitar setup, and monitor the DAW output through the Cubase Control Room panel with the motherboard audio (or USB/Bluetooth/whatever, headphones).

Optionally: You could also use something like ASIOLink Pro [advantage…can also merge WDM drivers into the ASIO chain], or jack2 [ASIO connections only?] to serve as a virtual patch bay for all of your audio connections.

If you are on a Mac, I don’t think you need any special drivers. There should be options somewhere in the OS to aggregate multiple audio devices.

Here’s an article on it: Aggregate Audio Devices and Drivers for PC and Mac