Can I send CC events from one midi track to another?

I have some CC events recorded on a single track that I would like to copy to several other midi tracks. Is there a way to forward the events to another midi track? I know I can select/copy/paste the events in the key editor, but I have a lot of tracks and frequently change the CC curves so this is rather time consuming.

The only way would be via a MIDI “loopback” (either a “physical” one… taking the MIDI output of the transmitting channel, and wiring it back in to another MIDI Input), or some Loopback software (that effectively does the same thing :wink: ).

Not at my rig for the next few days, but would a folder track work and then apply the CC’s to all tracks in the folder?
Hopefully not a red herring. If it is I apologise.

Any idea what software would do this? I was hoping a MIDI input transformer would work, but I do not see one that can be used for this purpose.

As far as I know you cannot record CC data directly to a folder track, if this is what you are suggesting.

On PC there is.

(I believe LoopMIDI is the one most PC folks use :wink: )
On Mac, you can use the built-in AIC Bus