Can i send midi to more than 4 channels?

hey guys so im programming drums using midi on perfect drums however i want to be able to send the midi to more than 4 channels so that i can activate slate trigger 2. for example I want to have an instance of slate trigger 2 ;

  • for each tom (x 3)
  • for snare layer (x2)
  • for kick (x1)
    this means I would need 6+ sends. is there a way do to this in cubase 13 Pro ?(macbook m1 max)


You can set the MIDI Out Port to Any. Then you can use up to all 16 MIDI Channels. The MIDI Channel is taken from every single MIDI Message.

the problem is im using slate trigger 2 (which is on the insert strip) and activates by sending it a midi. so how do I go about sending a midi to it? if I use midi send im limited to 4 instances of trigger 2.
hope this makes sense