Can i separate LV from Backing with this?

Hello I am new to Spectral Layers. Can anyone tell me before i buy the software, is it possible separate Lead Vocal from Backing Vocal once i have used a stem separator to isolate those? Also is that software able to isolate effects such as reverb? And, can it be used to take away scratches from Vinyl that has been digitised?

thank you all for your help.**

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Yes; you can unmix vocals directly to a layer in SpectraLayers (you don’t need a seperate stem seperator), then unmix chorus to two seperate layers (main vocal and the rest). N.B. your results with depend both on the nature and quality of your source material, as well as your skill level in using the software.

You can use the DeReverb module to reduce reverberation.

You can use various techniques, including the DeNoise module.

Full documentation of the various modules is available here.

A big thank you. Guess i will buy it :slight_smile:

Sorry one other question. I see that there are different versions of the software. Do you know which one i will need to buy. to do A B or C? thank you

Hello. i contacted chat and i have found out that i need the pro version. Thank you again for your help.

The comparison chart is here.