Can i set a output configuration for HALion 4 in itself?

I read in the manual that for example for logic when using HALion4 there you can choose in Logic for 4 output configurations possible there in logic.
So you choose the output configuration in the DAW

In my composer i can only work there with HALion 4 as Vsti with 16 outputs, but there is no output configuration screen
in the composer to see where i can choose for a output configuration ( Multi-output 16 x stereo )
In the composer HAlion 4 is set on 32 output + surround by default !

Sorry, I don’t know what u mean with composer.
But if you’re talkin about Cubase, you’re able to activate
the outputs left to the black vsti-slot of the F11 rack.
It’s a very small downpointing arrow.

Edit: When you have a look at the program rack,
you should see that all the loaded programs have a
little dropdownmenu where the stereo out is set up
by default. Click on it and choose another output…

I learned already a little bit to handle audi configuaration in Cubase, but like in HALion 4 i don’t have yet a working knowledge to set up Inserts and send effects in Cubase.
Note: i think that it will be analog to HALion 4 setting up there insert/send effect in Cubase ?
The composer is Synfire Express what i try to configure with HALion 4 and with Cubase.