Can I set each kit piece to different channels?

HS sounds amazing, but sometimes a patch might sound “too mono”, if I loaded a drum kit, I want the snare on output channel 1, kick on output channel 2, cymbals on channel 3, etc… How can I do that(without loading in 4 drum kit patches and set each one to a different output channel)?

You just activate the respective outputs of the instrument (from the Instrument, rack, or inspector).
Rather than reiterate the Halion Sonic user manual I would simply refer you to it.
It might also be very helpful for you to check out the tutorial and other videos regarding the Halion sonic both on Steinberg net as well as youtube.

But doesn’t this get a bit trickier?

If he loads a drumset as one program (and I’m still learning, so…) he would have to create an internal mixer inside H5, by way of sending the zones to their own auxes.

Wouldn’t he have to deconstruct the kit in order to route each drum sample to a hard output from H5 into Cubase input mixer channels?

We can’t directly route zones or layers to Cubase channels, only programs. The best you can do is work within H5s internal routing, which is accessible only in the program.

Please correct if wrong.

Edit: This IS the issue with drums, as it stands in HALion. I am curious, because there must be a workaround by now.

Thank you, guys! I’ll read the manual. This is not a big issue, tho. I can always load several patches inside HS, then use separate MIDI track to trigger each drum pieces.

You might also consider loading the specific samples into Groove Agent which was built more specifically for this.

You can do that?!? Wow, I’ll try it!

One easy solution to this would be to simply load the same drum program in multiple slots and set them to different outputs. It is wasting memory, of course… On the MIDI track set the keys for each piece to different MIDI channels and set each slot to recieve MIDI only on those channels.


This feature is only available in the full version of Halion Sonic. In the amplifier subpage of the edit page on every drum layer you can define a different output for each note. Together with lots of other functions these are not available in the free halion sonic SE that comes standard with cubase.

It makes sense to try out the 30 day demo of the full halion sonic to see if the vast amount of functionality’s suits your needs, but i admit this could have been a very nice feature if it was opened for the SE version too.
The full Halion Sonic is quite a beast though but there are others in that segment of the market too.

If it’s about multichanneling drums i would indeed rather point towards the new groove agent 2 that is specifically made for drums and actually has plenty of very decent kits and far more functionality than you will find in the halion sonic which is an overall workstation. Also the content available to GA2 is only limited to your imagination since the database is open for importing own samples.

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I agree. I use media bay alot when comes to loops, most of the time, the loop that fits is from HSSE, and if I want it to sound really wide, I want to pan those individual kit pieces.
Well, there’s a simple workaround, which have been mentioned before, and it’s working fine! I love HS and GA and Cubase!

Good stuff Roel, did not know that :wink:

but i am changing some of the view points since i am getting deeper into the engine
this is a multi-way of how things work very related to the way the GUI are develloped