Can I shift the notes set in Groove Agent?

I just started looking into this program for the first time ever. I see that you can drag samples to it, which is pretty neat. Unfortunately the notes are arranged in a way that is one row of pads lower than the arrangement in my Maschine Mikro 3.

For example, in Groove Agent, this is one of the pages:

And in the Mikro 3, this is the page that would match it more closely:

As you can see, three rows match, but it’s shifted one row up from the layout in Groove Agent.

Of course I can use the Mikro 3 controller app to create a new template and remap all the notes, which would be a royal pain, because it’s 8 pages of notes. So, I was wondering if Groove Agent has a way to shift all the notes at once to match the pages in the Mikro 3.