Can I somehow MIDI map the O-note in Drum Editor?

I have an instance of Battery that has several high-hat sounds loaded. I’m triggering everything from a MIDI track that has a drum map loaded and one of the outputs goes to the Battery instance. Each different hat sound in Battery is assigned to a different midi note.

I’d like to be able to use a knob on my midi controller to dynamically change the O-Note that is going in to Battery so that I can quickly scroll through the sounds to find the sound I want. Is there a way to do this?

So far I can see two ways to do this and they are both hacky workarounds: 1) Create an IAC midi out from the drum editor and then bring that IAC back in to Battery and then set up a quick control to control the transpose MIDI modifier, or 2) add a second instrument track with something like groove agent which can receive and then send the midi thru to the Battery track and then do the quick control mapping thing. Both are tedious workarounds. This is something that is really trivial to do in Ableton. I’m hoping we can do this somehow and that I am just missing how to do it.