Can I specify a different Chord Symbol font size for Score and for Parts?

I see the setting in Engrave Mode - Engrave menu heading - Font Styles - chord symbols, but am I mistaken that at present whatever font size I set for Chord Symbols is applied globally across score AND parts? If so, I would hope in the future that there will be a way to differentiate (but maybe I’m missing something?)

  • D.D.

In Engrave/Font Styles/Chord Symbols Font (and other Chord relative Fonts)
set the size to “Staff-Relative”, it will possibly get you in the direction you want.

Thanks. I tried that, but what I’d really like to do is to make the chord symbols in my Score disproportionately larger than the chord symbols in the Parts (for better readability) and I’m admittedly surprised that there’s no way to simply say: “use this font size for the score and this completely separate size for the parts”, without the two necessarily being connected in any way…(my two cents).

  • D.D.

That would also require scaling up the suffix fonts proportionately. I could see how it could get slightly complicated from a user experience point of view, or at least would require a bit of work on the back end to think through.

Can you select all chord symbols and scale up via the properties panel? Not at my computer right now. Then you would just want to make sure to NOT propagate that to the other parts.

That’s helpful - thanks - though it’s a bit of a workaround since I’m often selecting all in the Score and Propogating Properties to make sure that everything is in sync after doing something significant (and I’d have to deselect chords first). Frankly, it’s surprising to me that the two chord font settings between Score and Part are connected in the first place, since to me they have two entirely different use cases - I like to see exaggeratedly large chords in the Score along the top but have normal-size chords in the Parts…(my two cents)…

  • D.D.