Can i split the keyboard to play audio samples?

i have a sample, say one which has the audio “one two three four”
i want to extract each word and be able to trigger them say, hitting C,D,E,F on the keyboard .
i know i can split the keyboard in Halion if i create multiple midi instruments in one instance, and a quick look at the manual says i can import samples . not sure as yet if i can split the keyboard… halion allows u to redirect the keyboard to midi channels or something like that
the easy way is to duplicate the audio so that i have 4 audio channels, split each one to contain each word, and then play each one separately one at a time not very elegant i guess
Dom’s video on sampling doesnt deal with this

A single sample in Halion is assigned a Zone across the keyboard range. That zone can be as narrow as one key if you want.
You can read more about Zones here:

thanks… That’s a big help… have been slowly going through cubase manual… i just upgraded to Halion 7…i will look at your link… and (oh MY) start working on the halion manual and your link which at least gets to the starting point.

You might also want to take a look at Sampler Tracks. This is very straightforward to accomplish using them.

ok… i didn’t see it in any videos i saw…
i will RTFM hahah… preferable to using Halion, i imagine

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