Can I still use Cubase 5 projects?

If I upgrade from 5 - 6 can i still use old 5 projects? will 6 recognise the sounds and choose the relevant sounds from the new synth?

Or do i just keep 5 installed and keep them separate??


I’m using projects from Cubase SX3 so I’d say yes. It does keep all the VSTi settings and my VST effect settings. Only time there’s an issue is if the effect or synth is no longer available - eg. Direct X effects since they are no longer supported.


Ok that sounds promising… so thank you.

I keep thinking - “i’ll just finish this project - then upgrade…” but then before I know it I’ve started the next! So ideally I need to be able to upgrade and not worry…

Thanks again

Well, why not just run two installs side by side? You don’t need to overwrite 5.5 to install 6, unless the upgrade wipes out 5.5 which I’m not sure of but don’t think it would. If it does, then simply install 5.5 again into a new directory called Cubase 6 then upgrade that install. I recently installed 5 to test an issue I’m having in 6 and so I have under the root of C:\ a Cubase 5 and Cubase 6 install. When you want to start a new project just open 6.


It is installed into a separate directory, so you can run them side by side. The only issue I’ve had with it is that the preferences sometimes get imported in an odd way (which seems to vary with the wind), and that you need to add in any custom VST folders you’ve done, and then you can run both.

Having said that, I’ve not had any issues opening v5 projects on v6, but I’ve not needed to go backwards to 5 elsewhere with them.


Over 400 C5 songs opened in C6 (and saved) with no probs.
Third party stuff (SampleTank and NI) no probs as well.


All my C4 stuff works fine in C6 (as It should)

No issues here either…

Yes, you can open older Cubase version projects in Cubase 6.

So, before I buy the upgrade…

Even if Ive got the C5 Halion VSTi loaded in a project… C6 will not only open the file but will load the correct sound in the new halion sonic SE instrument with all relevant inserts loaded in the chain too on the mixer?

Nope that will not happen, simply use halion one in cubase 6.


It won’t load the sounds into Hse but it will load them into HALion one… seems steiny have left it in there for this very purpose… you won’t be able to load much library into H1 though… but with Hse why would you want to anyway?
Your projects should load just fine so long as you have made sure you have referenced any 3rd party plugins etc with the plugin manager… i had no issues at all.

Arh brilliant, I didnt realise theyd included H1, assumed theyd swapped for HSE.

Cool, thanks again

But, seriously, m4cot82, as was said earlier in the thread, why not keep C5 alongside C6?

Then you have the option to carry on working in C5 for anything already done in C5. You do also have the option to convert selected C5 project files to C6 and work in C6 instead, but (if you keep C5) working that way IS an option, and not something that you’ve forced on yourself for all C5 project files.

But, either way, it’s wise to keep the C5 cpr files exactly as saved from C5, if only as a backup (ie don’t over-write them in C6 format), just in case you do ever have to revert to C5, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Also, as you will probably have read on the forum, some former C5 users are very unhappy about certain features that have been dropped or radically alterred in the transition to C6. Unless you’re sure you won’t feel the same, that’s another good reason to keep C5 alongside C6.

OK Thanks. Well. thats what I decided to do. I purchased 6 from my local store yesterday and installed alongside 5.

AND… im very disappointed. All installed and activated but cubase 6 wont even open… it gets so far and freezes. It seems to stop opening at the point where its initialising tonic or embracer…

Any ideas?


Right… its opened.

Upgraded to 6.0.2 then had to get rid of GURU tho for some reason…

Anyway il see how it goes.