Can I still use v5 after upgrading my eLicenser to v7?

Hi Forum,

I upgraded my USB eLicenser from Cubase 5 to Cubase 7 and now I can no-longer use my Cubase 5 system - it does not detect a valid license on startup. Is there any way to get it working as I have some unfinished projects there. I have two different computers.

Usually, a v7 license should work backwards for v6, v5, etc. without problems.

Does the license show up on one machine (the one with v7 on it), but not on the other one (where v5 is installed)?

If so, have you installed the latest eLicenser software on the PC that is used for Cubase 5?

(If the eLicenser Control Center is too old, it may fail in detecting a newer license. Sometimes a complete shut down and a new start up will be necessary, too.)