Can I stop Nuendo loading a project


If I have a few projects open, when I close the active one, Nuendo automatically loads one of the other ones.
They all use a lot of plug-ins and take quite a while to load.

IS there a setting for Nuendo to wait for my selection before loading?

This is something I would like to see changed, also.


. . And it seems like it should be an easy adjustment, programming wise.
I mean, just turn off “Load” after closing a project. Could be an option, I suppose. Best would be that it asks what to make active or load.

Thing is, I frequently have 2 or more projects open - many times different versions of the same cue - so I can compare things, sometimes import tracks . .
When I close 1, boom, I have to wait while, perhaps, the wrong project loads.

Exactly, Hugh…

It’s taking my projects about 3 minutes to load…
I’d like to be able to tell Nuendo which one - if any - of the loaded projects I want to go to next…


Yes please!

I agree with you, but you also can select and activate first which project you want to work in and then close the undesired project.

Very good point!


Yes, this is annoying but I use a workaround for this.
I always start Cubase/Nuendo with a blank project than open all other loaded projects that I’m actually working on. Whenever I close any project, I don’t need to think about which will be activated next, the blank project gets activated automatically in a second, then I can choose which other loaded project I want to activate.
It always defaults to the first blank project.
This can save you a lot of time.