Can I tap in Tempo with a MIDI-Controller as Maschine/MPC?

This is the question, i´m searching for weeks about, but didn´t find an answer in the whole Internet.

The Question: Is it possible, that when I tap in the tempo on a Contoller like one of the Akai MPC, MPD or MPK-Series or the Native Instruments Maschine-Series, that i get the resulted tempo not only in the internal clock of the depending Controller,
i get it directly set as the Fixed Tempo of my current Project in Cubase Pro 8.5?

Please, any help is appreciated a lot. Thank you for any response.

If anybody got one of the these Controllers, like the Native Instruments Maschine- or the Akai MPC-Controllers, i would be very glad, if someone could explain me, if this is possible?!

Thanks for any response.


You can do so in the Beat Calculator dialog. But don’t send MIDI, tap the Spacebar of your computer keyboard.

Is this OK for you?

Thank you for answering, Martin!

But there are two reasons, why i want to do that with an Controller, here:

Maybe you can understand, what i want to say or trying to ask here.
That´s why i want to do this with an Controller, because there´s no other way to do that for that purpose.

In Pro Logic and Ableton Live is it possible to exactly do this to the associated Tempo Detection, but unfortunaly not in Cubase.