Can I tell Dorico where to split beams automatically?

Hello, I’m still trying to learn how to use Dorico now after having used Sibelius in school but it being wayyy too expensive and having used MuseScore after school which I find to be mainly tedious.

I really enjoy using Dorico so far but some parts can be fairly tedious. I’m trying to write something in 10/8, I want the beams to be split 3+3+2+2, but it goes 4+4+2 automatically, which is reasonable, but is there a way for me to “tell Dorico” that I want the beams to be split into groups of 3+3+2+2? Because it’s either that or having to manually go into notation, beamings, and then split and beam together where it should be split and beamed together which is way too tedious. I’m fine with the automatic beaming, I just want some control over it.

Thanks in advance!

Try [3+3+2+2]/8


As Jesper says, if you type that (including the square brackets) into the Shift-M popover you should get exactly what you want.

Not only that, but it will instantly rebeam existing music (if it doesn’t have beaming manually set, which can be undone).

Ah, thanks. Wouldn’t have gotten that without the shift+m remark. It’s shortcuts like that that I’m trying to learn.

Is there a good resource for stuff like that? Like someone with a good YouTube series? I’d rather not have to make forum posts any time I have a question like this.

I’d say… Search the forum :person_shrugging:
This square brackets tip has been described a great number of times. If five to ten minutes doesn’t provide the perfect answer, don’t waste more time and ask, you’ll probably get your answer in the next hour :wink:

Well, the official Dorico videos are a wonderful resource:

There’s also the Dorico manual :slight_smile: (and welcome to the forum!)