Can I transfer a license from the USB-eLicenser to the Soft-eLicenser

I just purchase Cubase 13 Pro.
When I start up my current version, Cubase 10 Pro I have so many problems with getting the popup msg "Connection to protection device lost’… Retry.
Usually after one or two Retry attempts I get connected. But this shouldn’t happen.
Now that I will be installing Cubase 13 Pro, is there a way I can transfer the USB license to a soft license? Thx. ciao, Dan

Cubase 13 no longer requires the dongle. However, Cubase Pro 10 and 11 still do. If you want to keep using them (which is still possible after the update), you need the USB eLicenser. The license can’t be transferred to a Soft eLicenser.

In addition to what @Martin90 wrote above, you might find this topic of interest.

Hi Martin90,
Thx for the quick reply.
I’m glad that Cubase 13 does not require a dongle anymore.
ciao, Dan