Can I transfer Android license to Apple?

I’ve been using Cubasis on my Android for a long time and I have also purchased the different expansion packs, I am now planning to move to an iPad Pro and I want to know how I can transfer my license to my Apple account from Google play to Apple Store? Is this possible or are they going to force me to buy everything again?

Hi @chuhks

Cubasis for iOS is distributed through the Apple App Store, Cubasis for Android/Chrome OS is distributed through the Google Play Store. The two stores don’t interrelate and don’t offer any crossgrade options, which means that to own any app on both iOS and Android/Chrome OS, it must be purchased on both stores, unfortunately.

Best wishes,

Ah I see. Thank you for clarification.

Ранее я уже публиковал здесь тот же вопрос о переходе с Android на iOS.
Напишите пожалуйста, вы перешли с Android на iOS или остались на Android, чтобы не покупать все заново?
Если вы перешли на iOS, смогли ли вы запускать проекты Android на iPad с iOS?