Can I try 10.5?

Hi all,

I’ve seen Cubase 10.5 has been released.
I’d like to try it, but time ago I tried an older release, and now the “demo” seems to be locked.

Can I unlock it? Trying the new version for the demo time?
Or I won’t never be able to try the new versions of Cubase?


I’d like to try the new stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

The trial usually come out after/with the first point release. A few weeks at least, sometimes a few months.

Yes, but the problem is that I’ve already tried the trial of an older version. Not, with the new one, it seems locked yet.

Is it possible to unlock the trial when a new version is out?
Or “once you try one, the trials are gone forever”?

Once a newer version is released the trial for the old version will be removed, of course. When the trial comes out for C10.5, you will still be able to trial it. Many people (myself included) have tried out multiple trial versions.

But where do I find the trial license? I’ve installed it, and on eLicenser I only see the 9.5 expired, not the new one. :open_mouth:

As written in the 3rd post apready, it will come out later… :unamused:

Ok, I can wait. But how do I check it? Update from eLicenser Control Center? I dubt I’ll receive a mail… I didn’t sign up while downloading :open_mouth:

This is how it works, when Steinberg release a trial you download it and will get a trial activation code, when you install the trial and enter the trial code into your dongle you get 30 days unlimited use, after 30 days it stops working. You have mentioned you have trialed an earlier version of Cubase and this no longer works, that is because you have used the 30 days of the trial.
Each version release is a separate trial and activation code and have no bearing on each other so WHEN the trial of CB10.5 is released it will be available for you to try for 30 days.
Note- The trial download is a separate thing from the CB10.5 download, you cannot download the 10.5 program as a trial you need to wait until the ‘trial’ download is available (a guesstimate would be early in the new year Jan-Feb)

I see. Meanwhile, where can I download the prev trial version of 10.5? 10.4 I Guess? So I try it now…

There is no such thing as a10.4 release , Cubase is released as a full integer version, ie 8, 9 10 and interim verisons of point .5 ie 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, these are yearly paid for versions (and trials when available) . Service updates like 10.0.40 are free updates to version 10 (note the 0 between 10 and 40 as opposed to 10 and 10.5)

I see. So, when I open the download manager, I can see Cubase Pro 10. Is that the trial? Or it must be taken elsewhere?

I see this:

Is it the trial?

There is no option for a trial at the moment.
The Cubase 10 trial availability ended when 10.5 was released. There will be no trial available until the 10.5 trial is release.

Still no 10.5 trial? :open_mouth:

It’s been available for about a month… :confused:

But where? Can’t see any download :frowning:

My God! What a pain to “try” a software :slight_smile: thanks

Now, a week later that link led me to a page that said I would get an email with an activation code and a download link. There is an activation code but no download link so it does not actually work.