Can I try nuendo while using my cubase 10.5 license

I have Cubase 10.5.
Can I install and try nuendo without afecting the cubase 10.5 license?

Yes you can install Nuendo and run the 60-day demo version while still not touching your Cubase license.

Your Cubase license is only surrendered if you buy the actual crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo.
(And, I suspect, it isn’t actually surrendered before you ACTIVATE your Nuendo license in the eLicenser control center, which can be done as late as you want :))

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Interesting, so I can just purchase a new license and activate at some point in the future, is that correct?

Thanks for your fast answer!!
I installed Nuendo trial with no conflicts in Cubase.

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I believe this is how it works yes – someone please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile: