can I turn off dimming of the performer monitoring while talkback is activated

Perhaps when using cubase to record several different people it would be good if activating talkback means lowering the volume
of all the performer. But I am using vst connect to record just one other person, I don’t want his signal to be lowered just because
I want to tell hims something, because then to be able to hear him I will have to push the button again, and it’s very hard to have a natural conversation that way.

I thought I had the solution to the problem because I found in preferences the option to untick “DIm cue during talkback”, but this did nothing, the volume was still what does this function do then if not the above? is this for my performers lowering the music while I talk perhaps…

Anyone know how to remove the dim for me?

Once again, I guess this might be a control room issue. Any chance anyone knows how to turn off the dim function when talkback is activated.
I always want to hear my performer att full volume, is this possible?

There is the DIM level in the control room for talkback dim. You can set this to any level, so 0 dB should do.
That CR Dim level is connected to the VST Connect plugin “DIM” dial, so I’m not sure what’s the problem with using either?
More here:

Thanks Musi, I am so grateful to be able to get all this support! Me and my bandmates are really starting to use Vst connect reguarly now, that is why
all these detail questions still keep coming. I know this one was really in front of my eyes, but sometimes when you don’t know where to find the answer you just feel to busy to do a thorough reading of what is out there. Once again, I really hope someone will do a complete Vst connect tutorial video sometimes, to help everyone else. Or, I might just do it myself once I really get everything there is to get…

thanks again!

You are welcome! We’re certainly interested in more good videos that expose VST Connects’ possibilities :slight_smile: