Can I turn off Nuendo 13 Vertical Zoom in/out (scroll)?

Hello fellow Nuendo users

Am I the only one who finds this new feature extremely annoying?
I’m used to working very quickly in Nuendo and thus switching quickly between my little finger (ctrl key + scroll = zoom in/out) and ring finger (shift key + scroll = navigate left ↔ right). In all versions up to and including Nuendo 12, this was flawless, but since the new feature in Nuendo 13 with the vertical zoom (ctrl + shift + scroll) I notice that I often inadvertently change the track height because I sometimes switch between my fingers too quickly (where Nuendo thinks I’m pressing them down at the same time). This slows down my workflow and I find this absolutely not user-friendly, and I was wondering if there is a preference to disable this function.

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You making mistakes with your fingers doesn’t make it not user-friendly.

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Thanks for the helpful answer!

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with my fingers as far as I can see :slight_smile:
It can be a combination of having a slight overlap on the keys while switching between my fingers, and the MX speed mechanical keys with a very low actuation force…

But I would really like to have the option to turn this off. It slows me down instead of making my workflow faster.

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Yeah, I don’t think there is a way to disable it unfortunately. If you have Windows you may be able to ‘disable’ it with an AutoHotkey script though. In fact I’m almost certain you’d be able to.

But yes, the more options to tweak the program to how we like to use it, the better. I’d vote for it

I really hope we are given the option to customize these zooming options as we’d like. Annoying to work in other programs that have different setups and then go back and forth.