Can I uninstall the eLicenser now?

Can I uninstall the eLicenser now?
I’m using Halion 7 and Cubase Pro 12, not using the Cubase LE on this computer. See pict.

If you don’t need any previous version of Cubase for recall purpose, go on.

Why do you want to uninstall the eLicenser? This doesn’t make sense, because every time you start the Download Assistant it will be reinstalled automatically.

Well, if it is obsolete, then why would I want it still around? I’m thinking, just get rid of it, if it is no longer of any use. I mean I don’t have MS Office 2000 installed any longer. Lol.

So, you say it will be reinstalled anyhow?


It is just a few megabytes of space and doesn’t harm if it is still there, so just leave it.