Can I update my Un-Opened Cubase7 Edu Box Version to Current Version for free?

Hello, I found an un-opened/sealed physical box of “Cubase7 Education Version”.
The front says “Free Update to Current Version”.
I haven’t opened the box nor installed anything yet.
I know the box includes some CD/DVDs and a licence USB stick.
If I install this Cubase 7 Edu. ver. on my windows 10 PC now,
will it be updated automatically to cubase 10 or 11?
Or is it too old to be free-updated?

Please somebody help me with this, and I’d really appreciate it.


As long as it has not yet been activated, yes. Always to the latest version, even for an old package.

Thank you so much!
As you said, it was installed like cubase 11 pro.